Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah: Antifa Is ‘Vegan ISIS’

Thursday on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah explained why Antifa is doing more harm than good with its cause to discredit what it alleges to be fascism. Noah played a few clips that explained the origins of Antifa and some of those people participating in its acts, one which included Antifa protesters breaking a window at a Starbucks in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day. “[B]reaking a window was a symbolic act?” Noah said. “You might think it is some deep statement, but most people see that and think, ‘Great. Now I’ve got to walk a whole block up to the next Starbucks.’ Like, who is that supposed to convince? What are you trying to do? It definitely doesn’t convince the Starbucks guy — the person who’s going to be cleaning up the glass, saying, ‘Yeah, they made a good point about fascism.’ No, they don’t think like that, and you got all these Antifa members thinking smashing [expletive] is all they should do.” “Others want to expose Nazis, and part of Antifa has been about video games, but the part that’s been causing the most headaches is the one that’s been hitting people in the head,” he added.