David French: I Will Vote for Donald Trump If He Is the Nominee

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Bill Kristol’s third-party pick David French said before the Iowa caucus that he would vote for Donald Trump if Trump becomes the Republican nominee. “What do I do? I vote for Donald Trump,” National Review writer French said in an interview on the web show HuffPost Live before the Iowa caucus when asked what he would do if Trump wins the nomination. At the time, National Review was in the headlines for its “Against Trump” issue. “I’m not one of these Republicans who said, or conservatives who said, well I’m just going to take my ball and go home,” French added. “He’s not in the same league as a Hillary Clinton, who I believe should be indicted before the election…or a Bernie Sanders, a socialist…so there is tremendous differences between the parties. This is about the GOP primary, in my mind.” French later flipped and published a column in March entitled “Why I Changed My Mind and Joined The #NeverTrump Movement.” French wrote: While my own military service can’t compare to the sacrifices and courage of the true American heroes of the Iraq War, I didn’t leave my home and risk my life in the fight against the world’s worst jihadists to