DePaul President Grovels To Campus Left-Wingers Despite Threats Of Violence At Milo Event

After a tepid apology to college Republicans last week after disruptive protests and threats of violence forced the early cancellation of their event with Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos, the President of DePaul University has released a statement kowtowing to left-wing activists on campus. The President, Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, has faced a week of pressure from left-wing activists after he released a statement apologizing to the college Republicans for the disruption of their event, and criticizing protesters for their actions (which included grabbing a microphone from the event’s host, waving it in Milo’s face, and threatening violence). In the wake of his apology (which included a condemnation of Milo as a “self-serving provocateur”), Terry Smith, a Distinguished Professor of Law at DePaul authored an article in the campus newspaper calling on him to step down or be fired, due to, among other things, betraying “marginalized” students by allowing the Yiannopoulos event to take place on campus. “There is no precept of free speech known to the law, to morality, or to common sense, that required marginalized communities of students to sit quietly as supplicants while the campus that their tuition, grant and loan dollars fund was deployed as a sounding board for