Dershowitz: ‘Unlikely’ Mueller Will ‘Want to Come Away With Nothing’ – ‘General Search’ of Trump’s Finances ‘Not Right’

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that special counsels are generally like Captain Ahab hunting the white whale and it isn’t likely that special counsel Robert Mueller will want to come away with nothing. He also argued that while it is legitimate to look into President Trump’s finances to see if he has any major debts to Russian oligarchs, a general search into his finances to look for a crime is inappropriate. Dershowitz said that the Trump administration’s criticism of members of the special counsel’s team donating to Democrats is “playing the refs.” He added, “Bill Clinton did the same thing when Ken Starr was appointed. They did very aggressive investigations of Ken Starr and his assistants to show how much they had given to Republican causes, how active they were among Republicans. Did it have an impact? I don’t know. But lawyers do that all the time.” Dershowitz further stated that President Trump’s statement that looking into his finances would be a “red line” is “a clue.” He compared this to someone telling police officers searching their house not to look in a drawer. He continued, “Now, you know,