Despite Extra Security, Sex Attacks Double at Swedish Festival

Despite a big increase in police presence, the number of sex attacks at a popular Swedish music festival in 2016 has more than doubled from last year’s figure. At We are Sthlm, Sweden’s biggest youth festival, police say there have been 50 reports of sexual harassment. The figure for the five day festival is more than double the 21 recorded last year. Writing on Facebook about the festival, Gothenburg-based journalist Joakim Lamotte expressed dismay at conditions there and confessed to feeling worried for his daughter’s future. Mr Lamotte noted that while there is more surveillance and security than ever at the outdoor festival, girls have not been protected from groping. The writer reported that young girls he interviewed testified that large numbers of men “paw at them”, and a number of teens cried having just been “sexually harassed by several guys in front of the stage”. Police expelled from the festival or took into custody 60 people for offences such as theft and knife crime. Police spokesman Mats Eriksson emphasised there was a larger police presence at the festival than ever before as well as more surveillance cameras and increased lighting. The police report notes that all the attackers were foreign,