Election Officials Demand ‘Dog Whistle’ England Flags Taken Down In Polling Station

England Flag
A polling station in England has been forced to remove the St. George’s flag, after a man on social media claimed it was a “dog whistle for the leave campaign” and made the room look “like an EDL rally”. The polling station, in the Mayfield Athletic Club, London, had left up patriotic a display after a Euro 2016 match. However, after word spread on social media, the Electoral Commission instructed them to remove the national flag. An Electoral Commission handbook states that: “any badges, slogans, or colours that might bring the impartiality of the polling station staff into question must not be worn”. However, others have argued that finding the English flag in England, after the Queen’s birthday and during an international football tournament, should hardly be surprising or shocking. #EUreferendum why does my local polling station look like the inside of an EDF rally? pic.twitter.com/m5LDSohj05 — christopheral (@christopheral) June 23, 2016 Christopher Lewis, the man who sparked the debate by reported the “EDL” flag on Twitter, told the Independent: “There were flags everywhere. I asked one of the officers why there were flags and the TV on and he just looked up at my girlfriend and I and gave a