EXCLUSIVE: ‘Believe in America’ – Trump’s Acceptance Speech Had ‘Familiarity’ Of Brexit Says Farage

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Republican nominee Donald Trump’s use of the ‘Believe in America’ in his speech at the Republican convention perhaps heralds an age of new international populist collaboration. Speaking in front of the crowd at the Republican National Convention (RNC) tonight Mr. Trump hit several regular populist talking points: immigration and the criminality that stems off the back of it, the disinterest of the global establishment in the lives of the everyman and woman, and political stitch ups masquerading as trade deals. But perhaps more than anything his was a speech that revolved around the importance of national sovereignty and the protection of U.S. interests. This was nothing short of a ‘Brexit’ spirit, underscored by his uses of the phrase “Believe in America”, directly comparable to the “Believe in Britain” slogan used by Britain’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) at the 2015 General Election and resurrected from the recently victorious Brexit campaign. Watching closely from a senior Republican politician’s private box at the Quicken Loans Arena was none other than the outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage. After hearing the speech, he told me: “I have been flabbergasted at the impact Brexit has had on American politics. I saw things that