Exclusive: New Jersey Bomber’s Notebook: ‘Attack the Kuffar in Their Backyard’

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is wanted in connection with a bombing in New York's Chelsea neighborhood that injured 29 people
Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man believed responsible for a series of bombings in New York and New Jersey, was carrying on his person a notebook filled with radical Islamic invective referencing multiple jihadi attacks and terrorism-linked clerics. In the notebook, Rahami accuses the American government of triggering a war on U.S. soil and favorably references Al Qaeda preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, chief terrorist Osama bin Laden, and terrorists who have acted in the United States, such as Fort Hood jihadi Nidal Hassan. “You (USA government) continue your … slaught against … mujahideen be it Afhanistan, Iraq, Sham, Palestine… etc,” Rahami writes, using the preferred term of Syria among Sunni jihadis. “Brother Osama bin Laden offered you a truce,” he writes. “You should of let us meet death overseas. You wanted it this way so you will have it this way.” In another part of the notebook, he relates that he was seeking how to conduct terror attacks and began consulting the works of famed terror propagandists. “I looked for guidence [sic] and Alhumdulilah Guidance came. Sheikh Anwar Brother Adnani Dawla. Said it clearly attack the kuffar in their backyard,” he write. “Brother Adnani Dawla” appears to be a reference to Abu Mohamed al-Adnani,