EXCLUSIVE–Polish Govt: Trump’s Perceived ‘Friendliness’ With Russia No Concern After Warsaw Speech

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Polish government sources have told Breitbart News the nation’s concerns over President Trump’s relationship with Russia “evaporated” during his recent trip to Warsaw. The President–who spoke for 35 minutes in the Polish capital last week–still faces claims of “Russian collusion” from the U.S. and British press. Meanwhile, those on the NATO front lines in Europe have declared their belief that the U.S. President will continue to stand with America’s NATO allies. Speaking to Breitbart News, Sen. Anna Maria Anders, who also serves as the Polish government’s Plenipotentiary for International Dialogue said: “President Trump was incredibly well received.  There was a huge amount of excitement and anticipation about his visit and we were not disappointed. “His speech was incredibly well received by everyone. It was amazing in that it was patriotic, non-partisan, and non-divisive. Before his visit critics said that his visit would isolate Poland from the European Union. Not at all. Unity was a main focus of his speech along with traditional values.” Asked whether the visit allayed fears promoted by the U.S. press, as well as concerns fuelled by Donald Trump during the campaign itself, that the United States would abandon its NATO allies, Ms. Anders remarked: