Farage Tells Breitbart: It’s Time To Take Our Country Back

The people of Britain should vote to leave the European Union tomorrow to “take back control” of their country and immigration system, UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said. Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London, Mr Farage explained to American viewers that the European Union is not a free trade area like NAFTA but a political project. “For your American viewers who don’t understand what the EU really is, don’t worry because nor does Obama. He doesn’t get it at all,” Mr Farage said. “We are part of a political union – it has a flag, it has an anthem, it’s got a police force, it’s building an army, and its courts overrule the British parliament and overrule the British Supreme Court, so we’ve effectively become a satellite state of this European project.” “What tomorrow is about is taking back our country and becoming an independent, normal nation. [Americans] have Independence Day, a big, big thing in the USA every year and 183 countries in the world have an independence day – I was us tomorrow to become the 184th.” Mr Farage also said the Establishment had gone out of its way to play down issues of sovereignty and national independence. “It’s been