FARAGE: Top ‘Leave’ Tories Now Back UKIP Immigration Policies… This Means We Can Win

After years of being condemned for even daring to suggest that mass immigration was having a negative impact on British society I feel rather less lonely this morning.  Today’s front pages mark a genuine sea change in British politics. The two men most likely to succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister have both now publicly committed to an Australian-style points system for immigration.  There can be no going back from these positions. Even more amazingly Boris Johnson has suggested that migrants should speak English. How I remember four years ago saying at a press conference that I felt uncomfortable travelling on train out of central London surrounded by a crowd of whom no one spoke our language as a first choice.  The howls of condemnation came thick and fast. The over-paid comedy stars of radio 4 parodied me for weeks. It was as if I had said something truly dreadful. Now some of the biggest political figures in the country agree.  All of which puts the Labour Party in an even more curious position. Both Mr. Corbyn and Mr. McDonnell believe in total open borders. I genuinely believe they would like to extend this beyond the EU. As John McDonnell