Fireworks Erupt Between CNN’s Navarro, Lewandowski Over Trump

Tuesday on “CNN Tonight,” CNN political analyst Ana Navarro and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, also a CNN contributor, squared off over Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Lewandowski insisted Trump was responsible for employing more people at a single property than anyone else on the panel, including Navarro, a former supporter of Jeb Bush’s presidential bid. Navarro disagreed, insisting that her family did indeed employ more people than Trump at that particular property and continued her attack on Trump, declaring him to be “a racist bigot who is destructive for the Republican Party.” Exchange as follows: LEWANDOWSKI: Let me correct something that is very important. Donald Trump did not burst on to the scene by talking about Barack Obama’s — where he was born. If you recall back in 1984 Donald Trump was part of the Reagan team where he was raising money for incumbent U.S. President Ronald Reagan — it’s been long before this. I know Ana doesn’t remember that – STELTER: But his political stature in 2011 was built upon the premise of birtherism. LEWANDOWSKI: I understand, but do you – but also, what you don’t want to talk about are the thousand Hispanics that he employs