Flash Flooding And Torrential Rain May Dampen Turnout In Pro-Remain London

Flooding Causes Travel Chaos In The South Of England
Torrential rain, flash flooding and tornadoes have caused chaos in parts of London and South East England as Britons head to the polls to vote in the EU referendum. Britons living in London and the South East were woken by crashing thunderstorms and torrential rain last night as a turbulent weather front moved over England, ironically arriving there having moved upward from continental Europe. Some areas have had a months’ worth of rain, about two inches, in just an hour leading to flash flooding, while Kent saw mini tornadoes spinning over rooftops. One voter commented the unseasonal weather was “biblical”. I just had to be carried into a flooded polling station. It’s something biblical… #remain pic.twitter.com/T8qeGC3zEd — Helen Joanna Youngs (@hjyoungs) June 23, 2016 The inclement weather is likely to affect turnout for the EU referendum in parts of the country, as voters will have to battle through heavy rainfall and flooding to reach their polling stations. The expectation is that this will favour the Leave campaign, as polling has shown Remain voters to be less enthused about voting than their Leave counterparts. Flood in London swim pic.twitter.com/SqxYvI3nIq — Raymond williams (@Raymondw250) June 23, 2016 At least two polling stations