Fmr AG Gonzales: If Comey Felt Trump Was Pressuring Him and Didn’t Notify Superiors, ‘He Failed In His Job’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” former Attorney General under President George W. Bush Alberto Gonzales stated that if former FBI Director James Comey felt he was being pressured by the White House, he “had an obligation” to tell his superiors, and if he didn’t, “then he failed in his job.” Gonzales said that he thinks the appointment of a special counsel is a good idea and expressed his confidence in the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller. He added that if he were advising the president, he would advise him to stop commenting on the investigation. Gonzales then commented, “[I]t is true that traditionally, there’s not a really strong relationship between the president and the FBI director, and for good reasons, quite frankly. If, in fact, Jim Comey felt so strongly about the pressure he was feeling from the White House, he had an obligation, in my judgment–and I don’t think any former attorney general would disagree with this–he had an obligation to notify either Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Dana Boente, someone. Because, it is a job of the attorney general and the deputy attorney general to protect all of the bureaus and services and divisions within the Department of