French Teenager Stabbed in Attempted Ramadan ‘Sacrifice’

A 19-year-old girl has been stabbed three times in Rennes, western France, in an attack carried out as an attempted “sacrifice” for Ramadan. Her injuries were not life-threatening. The knife attack came just a day after a jihadist killed a French off-duty policeman and his partner in an attack witnessed by their three-year-old son. An investigation has been opened into the attempted murder, following the girl being stabbed once in the abdomen and twice in the wrist. The assailant told a witness that he was a Muslim before handing over the knife. He was arrested and immediately assessed by a doctor, who has sent him to a psychiatric hospital. “Voices told him that he had to make a sacrifice on the occasion of Ramadan,” Rennes prosecutor Nicolas Jacquet told AFP. According to Mr. Jacquet, the man has been in and out of psychiatric facilities a number of times and told investigators that he is being treated for schizophrenia. He was supposed to have received an injection as treatment on Tuesday. The attack follows the double murder of Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, and Jessica Schneider, 36, who were killed on Monday by Larossi Abballa. In a video filmed in the couple’s home