Geert Wilders: We Must Preserve Western Identity and Civilisation By Ending Muslim Mass Migration

Geert Wilders
Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has made an impassioned plea for Western patriots to stand up and reject hatred and terrorism in the wake of several Islamist terror attacks. Mr. Wilders has accused Western governments of being “dangerously blind” to the dangers of Islamisation, reeling off a list of recent terror attacks and calling for an end to Muslim migration. He said: “Western governments remain dangerously blind to the danger of Islamization. Islam is a religion of peace, they say but that is a lie. Look at what happened at Istanbul. “Look at what happened in Orlando a few weeks ago. Look at what happened last March at Brussels airport and metro station, look at what happened at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris last November. Look at what happened in San Bernardino last December. “The list is endless. And everything this list has in common is Islam”. Mr. Wilders moved to clarify his point, remarking that while he believed that Islam was a significant problem for the West, individual Muslims could be good people. Regardless, he said: “no honest individual can say with a straight face that Islam is a doctrine of peace of freedom”. Outlining how he proposed to defend Europe