Germany’s Ruling Party ‘Infiltrated by Turkish Nationalists and Erdogan Lobbyists’

Immigrant members of the Christian Democratic Union’s (CDU) “Union of Diversity” network have warned that the governing party has been infiltrated by Erdoğan loyalists. The 131 page report, which looks at the influence of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkish lobbying on the CDU, has been sent to 60 MPs including Chancellor Angela Merkel. Its authors caution against interference by Turkey’s ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP). Co-author Salim Cakmak said: “The Union is being infiltrated by Turkish nationalists and Erdoğan lobbyists.” One example mentioned in the paper is CDU councilor Ilhan Bükrücüis who has been rewarded for campaigning for the AKP in Germany. CDU MP Wolfgang Bosbach urged his party to take the report seriously. “If concerned party members, often themselves with an immigrant background give information, I can only advise you to take it seriously and consider it,” Mr. Bosbach told Bild on Sunday. Mr. Bosbach, a member of the Bundestag’s Interior Committee, said the party should not turn a blind eye to extremism in its pursuit of multiculturalism. He said: “It is the declared aim of Secretary Tauber to make the CDU younger, female and more colourful. Nothing speaks against openness and pluralism, but we have