Gove Attacks Globalisation, Says No Article 50 Before 2017

Conservative Party leadership candidate Michael Gove has delivered his first major leadership bid speech. Speaking at the Policy Exchange think tank, he launched into an impassioned defence of free market capitalism, while exposing the effects of globalisation and freedom of movement. But he also said, when asked by journalists, that he did not envisage that a Prime Minister Gove would invoke Article 50 this year, sparking fresh concerns that no Conservative Party leadership candidates are keen to start negotiating Britain’s way out of the European Union, as voted on by the public. Launching his campaign with an intensely personal speech, Mr. Gove established his credentials as a free-thinking reforming Tory, establishing what he called his “vision to transform our country for the better.” In particular he focused on the need to ensure the benefits of free trade and open markets are felt by every sector of society, something which globalisation has failed to achieve. Highlighting the lack of fundamental fairness in the current system which leaves too many behind, he said: This referendum has laid bare divisions in our country that are deep and damaging. It laid bare the truth about globalisation, free movement and the faltering march of progress