IDF Commander: Israel Gearing Up For Attacks From Hundreds of Sinai-Based Islamic State Terrorists

Hamas Commanders Seen Training Islamic State Troops In Sinai
TEL AVIV – Israel is preparing for a scenario in which hundreds of terrorists armed with high trajectory fire as well as anti-tank missiles attack from Sinai, the outgoing commander of the IDF’s Sagi Brigade said this week. Col Yehuda HaCohen, in charge of the brigade stationed on the 105-mile stretch between the Sinai Peninsula and Israel, told Hebrew-language daily Maariv that his division has witnessed new threats coming from Sinai including the proliferation of terrorists associated with the Islamic State and an increase in cross-border smuggling. HaCohen, who is about to begin his studies at the National Security College, said the lack of governance in the area has resulted in the Sinai becoming “a breeding ground for terror.” The presence of Islamic State elements in recent years has changed the Sinai, though HaCohen asserts that in the meantime the extremists have not set their sights on Israel but instead are working on purging out infidels from their midst. “IS has set out first to purify themselves while expanding their territory. They act as if they are in the Middle Ages. They occupy territories and publicly behead those who don’t join, the rest automatically join,” he said. “They control lots of