Independence Day: David Cameron Is Ruined

“How would it be for David Cameron if he lost this Referendum?” When a BBC crew asked me this two days ago I don’t think either they or I imagined for a moment that this scenario would come to pass. “It would be an utter disaster for him!” I said, with perhaps a hint of glee. But it’s not at all how I’m feeling right now. Actually, in the end, Schadenfreude is an ugly emotion. Dave and I were friends once and though he has done an awful lot since as a politician which has irritated me beyond measure, I can take no joy in his downfall. It was a self-inflicted downfall too, which is what must make it even harder to bear for him. He really didn’t need to stake his reputation on the outcome of this Referendum. He could have taken a back seat and said, near the beginning: “Personally, I’m inclined to think that the safer course would be for Britain to remain in the EU. But this should not be a party political matter and I do not wish to abuse the authority of my office by engaging in so divisive an issue. It’s up to you, the