Italy: ‘Muslims, Atheists’ Blast Christian TV News Anchor for Wearing Crucifix

An Italian television news anchor has ignited a firestorm of criticism by wearing a crucifix around her neck while reporting the news, drawing the ire of “Muslims, atheists and many viewers,” according to reports. Marina Nalesso, a well-known news anchor on the State-owned Tg1 television news show, wore a crucifix around her neck several times last week while on the air, a choice that Silvio Viale, a leftist politician and vocal atheist, has described as “arrogance.” “TG is a public, secular news show, not a Vatican news show,” he said. On her FanPage, Nalesso defended her actions saying that she wears the crucifix “out of devotion and to offer witness,” though she can say nothing further because “we RAI journalists are not permitted to grant interviews without the authorization of management.” This is not the 44-year-old TV anchor’s first offense. She has also been criticized for wearing small medals around her neck bearing the face of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Despite the storm of criticisms, however, Nalesso has also received support from several public figures such as Giorgia Meloni, an Italian politician and leader of the Fratelli d’Italia party. “We have now reached the point of absurdity,” Meloni wrote