Johnson: ‘Rattled’ Cameron Is Now ‘Menacing’ Voters

The Prime Minister is “menacing” voters in a desperate bid to get them to vote Remain in the referendum, former Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said. The Prime Minister stepped up Project Fear over the weekend, warning Britons that a Brexit would mean the government could no longer fulfil its manifesto promise to deliver a ‘triple lock’ on pensions. His warning followed a “remarkable” YouGov poll putting Leave ten points ahead of Remain with just over a week to go until polling day, which has seen the betting odds on a Leave result tumble. In today’s Telegraph, Leave campaigner Boris Johnson said the threat showed that Cameron was “rattled” by the increasing possibility that Britain may vote to leave the European Union (EU) next week. He wrote: “You know when someone is losing an argument because they suddenly get all rattled, and personal, and sometimes even a little bit menacing. It is clear from their style of debate in the last few weeks that the Remain campaign is conscious that it is losing the argument, and losing comprehensively.” And he has accused the Remain campaign of being too frightened to make the case for the European project in its own