Journalists Harassed at Secretive Bilderberg Conference

Several journalists were harassed by German police as they attempted to cover the notoriously secretive Bilderberg conference being held this year in Dresden. The Bilderberg conference invokes strong reaction among some for its commitment to holding meetings among the most influential business and political leaders, completely in private. The conference, initially started by the Dutch royal family in the 1950s, is the subject of various internet conspiracy theories and is said to have been the incubator for ideas ranging from free trade agreements like NAFTA to the creation of what was to become the European Union. The 2016 Bilderberg conference is scheduled to begin Thursday and one of the topics in particular called: “Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity” will deal with issues surrounding the migrant crisis. Security for the event is understandably tight due to the high profile figures who attend the conference. This year sees guests ranging from King William of the Netherlands,  former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble and other high ranking political leaders. Captains of industry are also well represented at the conference which has led many to speculate that the purpose for the meetings is more of a lobbying event