Joy Behar Tells Kellyanne Conway She Is ‘Delusional’

Wednesday on ABC’s ” The View,” co-host Joy Behar told Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway that she was  “delusional.” Partial transcript as follows: BEHAR: We are back with Kellyanne Conway. Here’s what I want to ask you. When I was 12 years old, they made us go under the desk and hide because a nuclear bomb was about to hit. And I never brought my library books back because I thought we’re going to die anyway, what’s the point? So your guy, Donald Trump, he’s very cavalier about using nuclear weapons. CONWAY: No, he’s not. BEHAR: Even Europe is not off the table. Aren’t you petrified? You have four children. That scares me more than any other stupid thing he has said. CONWAY: I’m concerned for everyone’s children and I will just say this to you. it’s Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who gave the—they’re president and secretary of state. They did this Iran nuclear deal. BEHAR: You’re not answering the question. CONWAY: Here’s how I’ll answer the question. Donald Trump — BEHAR:  Wait a second. A lot of people believe that that will prevent nuclear war for ten years, okay? But that’s not my question.