KASSAM: Why did this VICE News Author Hide Islamist Endorsements While Trying to Satirise Me?

Vice News writer Hussein Kesvani has claimed he “satirised” me. The truth is he used an army of Twitter Islamists and hard-Left trolls to race-bait me. If someone on the right had done this, they’d have been banned by Twitter by now. Kesvani worked at the overtly Islamist ‘Islam Channel’, so I’m not surprised he’s used to lying to try and make a point. But I am surprised that someone trying so hard to be funny can only appeal to a tiny audience. Kesvani’s former employer has been repeatedly fined or censured by Ofcom for pumping out Islamist-biased fake news, for condoning marital rape, and for selling Anwar al-Awlaki — the radicaliser-in-chief’s — DVDs. Since leaving, Kesvani has tried to remodel himself as some kind of “edgy satirist” who seems to tweet at people with larger followings than him, hoping to pick up fans. That’s why he (incorrectly — I’ve always been an open critic of the alt-right — considering myself to be a conservative instead) tried to set me up as some kind of “alt right” fall guy to target, attracting high praise from androgynous leftists and Islamists at the same time for his “funny” claim that the two of