Krauthammer: Trump Only Judges People By Whether They’re Nice To Him, ‘Mistake’ To Run Third-Party Candidate

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer stated that it’s “peculiar” GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s only criterion for judging people is whether they were nice to him, but it’s a “mistake” for conservatives to run a third-party candidate. Krauthammer said that Trump’s attack on the press for his donations to veterans groups [relevant remarks begin around 5:10] were effective and “distracts from the fact that the AP is now reporting that half of the donations were given after the Washington Post began to look into the story, which indicates that the press, not only was doing its job, but it actually stimulated the execution of these donations.” He continued, “It’s not that people don’t like seeing attacks on the press, but it is a sense of Trump’s character. Is this what you want in the White House? He was asked, is this how you’re going to be behaving in the White House? He says, yes. I think at one point he was asked about the attack on [New Mexico Governor] Susana Martinez (R), which he had said was because the economy was bad in New Mexico. But in this press conference, he said,