Labour Councillor Suspended For Calling Gay People ‘Deviants’

A Labour councillor in Scotland has been suspended after allegedly referring to LGBT people as “deviants”. Tom McAughtrie, who has served as a councillor in the Labour party for more than 30 years in Dumfries and Galloway, has been placed under “administrative suspension” by the party’s Scottish branch after making the comments on social media. An inquiry was launched last month after a complaint was received alleging that McAughtrie had called a prominent gay rights activist in Dumfries and her friend, Anglican priest Andrew Crosbie, “deviants” on Facebook. The offending post on McAughtrie’s Facebook account about Dr Belle Doyle, who chairs the area’s LGBT+ group, and Crosbie read: “Thankfully you two deviants were dealt what you deserved by the people of Dumfries.” A source told The National that while it’s unclear what circumstances the Labour councillor’s comments refer to, Dr Doyle, who is a lesbian, found the reference to “deviants” abusive. Crosbie, a priest at Dumfries’ St Bride’s Anglican Church, allows the religious building to be used by Doyle’s LGBT+ society for their monthly meetings and fundraising events. Police interviewed and detained the 65 year old Labour councillor last month for the comments found to have been posted on social