LISTEN: East End Cab Driver – Open Borders Have ‘Killed Britain’

A taxi driver has launched a hard-hitting diatribe against Britain’s political classes who he said have “killed Britain” through uncontrolled immigration, perfectly encapsulating the ‘working man versus elite’ debate at the heart of the EU referendum. Cabbie ‘Alfie’ from London’s East End said the lives of working people had been turned “upside down” by politicians who had invited migrants into the country without consulting the British people, driving wages and living standards down and bringing services and the housing system to breaking point. “I’m sick to death of middle class people and business people telling me how great this is, because it doesn’t affect them.” And he insisted: “What you have to understand is, people like me, we’re not racists, we’re realists.” Calling in to LBC to discuss the referendum on European Union (EU) membership, he said he was “ashamed” of politicians who were “putting money” and “big business again, as usual, before people,” and that he was “offended” by the Prime Minister and Chancellor talking the British economy down. “I drive all round this country, and all I see is towns and cities completely gone forever,” he said, adding that the East End is “gone. Our way of life,