LIVE: Truckers Block Calais To Demand Closure Of Migrant Camp

Truckers, dock workers, farmers and residents of Calais have shut down main roads into the port town in Northern France, promising to continue the blockade until the French government begins to dismantle the illegal ‘Jungle’ migrant camp. Police recently declared large areas of the town “no-go zone” after dark as migrant violence “peaked”. Cars and trucks have been attacked with chainsaws and knifes, with migrants deliberately causing crashes so they can board vehicles. The population of the camp is now at 10,000, the highest since French authorities agreed to “demolish” parts of it six months ago, claiming their goal was to reduce the number of camp inhabitants to about 1,500. Update, 13:55 – The truckers and farmers are now having a BBQ on the motorway. Update, 12:25 – Protestors have formed a human chain and roads remain blocked. Update, 11:25 – David Sagnard, president of FNTR national truck drivers’ federation, spoke to Reuters as the convoys, each with about 40 vehicles, set off. “Before, it was just attempts to get on trucks. Now there is looting and wilful destruction, tarpaulins are slashed, goods stolen or destroyed … Drivers go to work with fear in their bellies and the economic consequences are severe,”