LIVE WIRE: David Cameron Grilled On Sky News

Sky News
Prime Minister David Cameron is appearing on Sky News tonight in the first major set piece television event of the the European Union (EU) referendum campaign. Mr. Cameron hopes to make the case for remaining in the EU, under questioning from a live studio audience and Sky News presenters Faisal Islam and Kay Burley, at the same time as polls are showing the Leave campaign gaining ground after moving its focus towards immigration issues. Ah! That’s why the Prime Minister didn’t have a good ‘Won’t somebody please think of the children?’ line He was saving it for last. Channeling his best Helen Lovejoy, the Prime Minister made his last word a plea to think of the children. Saying that “Britain doesn’t succeed when we quit” he also pleaded to voters “let us not roll a dice” on the future of “our children and our grandchildren.” After being accused of scaremongering he ends the debate by telling the audience not to roll the dice on their families lives!!! #InOrOut — Matt Campbell (@mattcam89) June 2, 2016 Yet another positive argument based on sunny optimism for membership of the EU Asked if he was really suggesting that we would end up being bombed if we left the EU, Cameron says that 10