Migrant Slums Spring Up Around London

Filthy migrant shanty towns have sprung up around the outside of London. Their residents, living rent free so they can drastically undercut other workers in the UK, fear Britain voting to leave the European Union (EU). Running along one of London’s busiest roads, makeshift campsites have appeared where mostly Albanians, Romanians and Bulgarians sleep in tents or on mattresses sheltered by flyovers. Some sleep in cars that have been raised off their wheels so as to avoid paying road tax.  At the larger, more established, campsites the huts even have doors and windows. The Sun reports that raw sewage runs through many of the camps, which are usually strewn with rubbish, beer cans, filthy clothes and bedding. The men are picked up in trucks and vans to work for just £40 a day, “driving down wages for local plumbers and painters”. Some also gather at a Wickes in Barking, waiting for work. The Invaders set up shanty towns across England's capital; Albanians most common culprits – https://t.co/Sue2qypjnu pic.twitter.com/dTjo5ArowF — ★ ℑⱳ ™ (@Revolution_JW) June 4, 2016 A migrant from Romania told The Sun that many of the campers have “worked for two years all over Europe and it is best