MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Has Heated Interview With Trump Supporter Scott Baio

Tuesday on MSNBC’s special election coverage, host Tamron Hall had a heated interview with actor and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump supporter, Scott Baio. Partial transcript as follows: HALL: Did you write your own speech? Nothing plagiarized there? BAIO: I did. I know the joke. I don’t know exactly what happened. I heard things about the — Melania’s speech. I can’t comment on it. But yes, I wrote my speech — I was asked to do this Thursday. I wrote my speech in church on Sunday morning. And then — and then I delivered it on Monday. HALL: Part of your speech that got a lot of attention was the final line there where you said make America America again. Explain what you meant by that. BAIO: Make America America again just means what this country was founded on. Which is hard work, perseverance, individualism, not looking to government for everything. Getting off the dole. Getting back to faith. Getting back to the things that we were founded on. We have gone so far off the rails, and the people — the people that come here, the first-time voters and the — and the young people who are not