National Review: Obama Enabling Terrorism Through Dealing With Muslim Brotherhood

President Obama is helping spread Islamism both at home and abroad by dealing with the supposedly “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood rather than banning it, according to an article in the National Review. Andrew C. McCarthy writes: …I believe Obama is betraying our national security, but I do not think he is doing so intentionally. Instead, he has the good intentions, such as they are, of a left-wing globalist. The president sees security as a matter of international stability, not of a single nation’s safety — not even of that single nation that has entrusted him with its security. Although the Brotherhood seems to reject violent jihad, it only does so opportunistically, and is happy to back violence, such is in Israel, if it knows the global left will approve. McCarthy says the Brotherhood is far more clever than other jihadists for four reasons: (1) The Brotherhood pretends to reject violent jihad, especially when dealing with Western audiences. (2) The Brotherhood opportunistically limits its overt support for jihad to situations that the international Left feels comfortable excusing (e.g., violence against “occupation” by Israel, or by American troops fighting Bush’s “unnecessary war of aggression” in Iraq). (3) The Brotherhood purports to condemn terrorist