NYU Organized One of Two Orlando Jihadi’s Trips to Saudi Arabia

The Orlando gunman was identified as Omar Mateen
The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Omar Mateen – the jihadi responsible for the killing of 49 people at the Orlando night club Pulse this week – traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2012 as part of a program run by New York University. The Islamic Center at New York University affirmed that Mateen “and three others believed to be his family members” booked a 2012 trip to Saudi Arabia through the university, one taken by a total of about 80 people. The trip, booked through the travel agency Dar El Salam, was nominally intended for its passengers to perform umrah, a secondary pilgrimage to Mecca, of an Islamic nature but less important than the hajj. This visit can be performed at any time during the year, unlike the hajj, though many choose the holy month of Ramadan for this voyage. NYU offers the service of organizing voyagers through the agency to any Muslim, not just those affiliated with the university, so his presence on one of these trips does not confirm a relationship to NYU. Since these visits through Dar El Salam do not have mandatory itineraries, knowing what kind of trip Mateen took – specifically, through NYU – does not narrow down his whereabouts for the