Podesta: ‘Pence Was Smooth,’ ‘Seemed Sort of Likable,’ But ‘Trump Lost’ and Kaine ‘Got the Job Done’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta argued that during the Vice Presidential Debate, “Governor Pence was smooth. He seemed sort of likable,” but “Donald Trump lost,” while the Democratic VP nominee, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) “got the job done.” Podesta said, “I think that Donald Trump lost, and that was fairly clear. And, I just got in on the conversation, but, look, I think Tim Kaine did great job. He defended Hillary. He laid out clear plans, and he kept putting Trump’s own words to Mike Pence, and Mike Pence never defended Donald Trump. He made a kind of — a little bit of an attempt on his business practices, his loss of a billion dollars, but he didn’t even defend his failure to release his tax returns. So, I think time after time, he just kept shaking his head. It was sort of surprising. You couldn’t tell whether he was shaking his head because he didn’t believe Donald Trump could say such things, or he was trying to suggest that he hadn’t. But, of course we know he had.” He added, “I think Tim came in with a — the strategic mission to