‘Politically Black’ Muslim Student Leader Refuses To Back Israel’s Right To Exist

The president-elect of Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS) has refused to condemn violence committed by Palestinians, whilst repeatedly refusing to say Israel has a right to exist. Malia Bouattia, who claims to represent the UK’s 2.5 million students, denied all the anti-Semitism allegations put to her, claiming she will be “branded an Isis sympathiser” by a supposedly racist media and society simply because she is a “black Muslim women”. Many online have pointed out, however, that she is not black but an Algerian Arab. Even Channel 4 chose to describe her, bizarrely, as “politically black”. “It’s not for me to condemn Palestinian violence!” said Ms. Bouattia on the evening news last night, claiming that Palestinians have a “right” to use “violence” because attacks on Israel are “self defence”. Ms. Bouattia has previously voiced her support for “resistance” against the state of Israel, which was not limited to, “non-violent protest and the Boycott”. She insisted that there was “absolutely not” a “double standard” at play when she repeatedly condemned Israel in such strong terms, but blocked a motion condemning the Islamic State (IS) terror group. At the same conference where she blocked the IS motion, and whilst she says it is “not for