Rush: Dems Claim To Be for ‘Little Guy,’ But Defend PP

Rush Limbaugh 29 Thumbnail Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh criticized Democrats for defending Planned Parenthood while claiming to be the party of “the little guy” on Friday. Rush said of the videos, “The White House says nothing to see here. Hillary Clinton says she’s troubled by the videos. Nancy Pelosi, praising the, whatever she described Planned Parenthood as being, a great, compassionate organization. Selling these body parts, the lie, for medical research. And yet, there isn’t one medical advancement that any of the people responsible for this can point to and say, ‘Look what we’ve done! Look at the advances that we’ve made!’ It’s purely for money and profit. It’s barbaric beyond any ability I have to describe it. I’ve waited. Two weeks, three weeks have gone by. There’s no room for equivocation on this. There’s no room for, ‘Well, what if there’s something we don’t understand here?’ There’s no room for that. This is as

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