Soros Group Brags About Pushing Racist Police Agenda In Europe, Undermining Stop And Search

The Open Society Foundations, through it’s “Xen fund” has bragged about being the only group to fund reports and advocacy accusing European police of discrimination toward minority groups. A document entitled “OSIFE-Justice Initiative Portfolio Review – Ethnic Profiling in Europe” shows a coordinated effort to fund reports and advocacy to accuse European Police of discriminatory behaviour. This follows revelations in the United States that Mr. Soros and his foundation have been actively funding groups who are aggressive toward police, accusing them of discriminatory behavior toward minorities. “To date only OSF is willing to fund controversial documentation and advocacy that accuses European police of discriminatory practices,” the report brags and details how through the Fund to Counter Xenophobia (Xen Fund) and the Justice Initiative (JI) the foundation has spent in excess of 1.7 million dollars on creating reports and funding advocacy groups who’s purpose is to undermine the reputation of the police and accuse them of discrimination. In the UK the foundation claimed that a study they had commissioned in the wake of the 2011 Tottenham riots had led to “galvanized political action by the government” along with their funding of the StopWatch campaign. The StopWatch campaign pushed for a decrease in the number of stop