The Anti-Brexit Brigade Is Fundraising For EU Flags To Be Waved On The Last Night Of Proms

Anti-Brexit campaigners are raising money to hand out European Union flags during the Last Night of Proms: traditionally a staunchly British affair. Proms – known full as The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts presented by the BBC – are an eight week long, summer classical music concert series which culminates in the hugely popular “Last Night of the Proms”. While most of the series takes place in the Royal Albert Hall, the televised Last Night of the Proms – this coming Saturday – also includes portions in Hyde Park, the crescendo of which involves the waving of (British) Union flags, as well as the singing of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, and more British anthems. Now, a group of anti-Brexit activists plan to crash the event with EU flags. They have so far raised £1,175 which they say they plan to use buying and handing out European Union flags to send a message to the viewing public. The Crowdfunder campaign reads: The Last Night Of The Proms is a fun concert with lots of flag waving to well known classical music. As music is such an international activity that benefits greatly from our membership of the EU this event