The Worldwide Trumpian Majority: Lessons from Brexit, Britain, and the United States

Second of three parts. 1. Lessons from Brexit In Part One of this series, we chronicled a tale of two cities: the populist-nationalist Republicans in Cleveland, and the establishment—some would say elitist—Democrats in Philadelphia. Yes, it’s obvious that there’s a gap between the two, maybe more like a chasm. So now we will begin to examine the divide between nationalism and globalism, focusing on the nationalist eruption in the United Kingdom. But perhaps the reader has noticed the title of this series: “The Emerging Trumpian Majority.” And one might ask: How can we have an “Emerging Trumpian Majority” if, as the MSM stoutly insists, Donald Trump’s candidacy is doomed? First off, Trump is not doomed. Despite a hellaciously bad week, the latest Reuters poll shows him down a mere three points. Moreover, the news on August 6 that there was yet another jihadi attack, this time in Belgium, reminds us that the conjoined issues of immigration and homeland security will remain paramount through November—and that’s good for Trump. Indeed, fair-minded Americans might ask: What’s Hillary Clinton’s plan, other than more of the Obama status quo? We can further say: It’s only a matter of time before someone does an ad morphing