*** Trump v. Clinton: Live Election Results & Analysis ***

As US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton wrap up their campaigns the day before the election, some 40 m illion Americans have already cast ballots through early voting
Can Donald Trump sweep the battleground states and pick off a “blue” state like Michigan and/or New Hampshire to shock the political world tonight? There is also plenty at stake in the down-ballot races as both parties fight to control the Senate. Democrats need to gain four seats to control the Senate if Hillary Clinton wins the White House or five seats if Trump wins. And regardless of what happens in the election, look for the usual mainstream media hacks, liberals, and their globalism-first allies on the right to immediately use whatever excuse they can find to aggressively push more amnesty and “immigration reform” with unlimited guest-worker visas for foreign workers. The media will also put a spotlight on the battles on the right even though there may be as much discord on left after tonight. Stay tuned to Breitbart News throughout the evening and morning. All times eastern. — Here are when the polls will close tonight: 7 p.m. Eastern: Indiana (polls start closing at 6 p.m in some counties), Kentucky (polls start closing at 6 p.m. in some counties), Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia. 7:30 p.m. Eastern: North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia 8 p.m. Eastern: Polls finish closing