Viktor Orban Calls On Brussels To Implement Border Controls, Says Mass Migration Forced Britain Out

Viktor Orban
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has slammed the “inappropriate” approach to mass migration pursued by the European Union which he blames for having pushed Britain out of the power bloc. Speaking from Brussels and laying the foundations for Hungary’s own forthcoming referendum on the European Union (EU), Mr. Orban said it was time for the EU to learn that it could not survive as a dictatorial system ruling 500 million people from Belgium. Explaining how the present approach to the European project had pushed the British away and was going to alienate other nations too, Mr. Orban said: “You do not sit on a horse backwards. The EU is not in Brussels. It has 27 — presently 28 — capital cities.” He remarked: “we must return to the idea that the European Union is based on members rather than EU institutions.” Mr. Orban said “we must strive to ensure that Brussels hears the voice of its citizens”, reports wPolityce. While Hungary wishes to keep the EU from collapsing, an objective of other right-wing political forces across the continent, it is attempting to change the nature of the bloc. It is possible the impending departure of the United Kingdom has given those