Celebrating the 196th Anniversary of Greek Independence

Dear Friends,

I am so proud to join you in celebrating the 196th Anniversary of Greek Independence, and with President Trump, to have welcomed so many of you to the White House yesterday.

Greek Independence Day means so much to all of us. As we gather with friends and family in celebration, we are reminded of the values and ideals that inspired our democracy. The belief that government should be by the people and for the people was a revolutionary concept that has since paved the way to our prosperous and free Nation. This weekend, as we celebrate our shared desires for freedom, sovereignty, and self-governance, I can tell you that nobody will work harder to preserve these ideals than President Trump.

As White House Chief of Staff, I see a President working each and every day to follow through on his promises. This is a man who approaches the job with such incredible energy and tenacity. Axios! As we find renewed strength at home, our friends abroad will find us to be an ever stronger ally. The President knows just how important our enduring alliances are, and Greece is no exception.

My friends it is such an incredible honor, as a Greek American, to join you in renewing our devotion to representative democracy and “liberty and justice for all.” May God bless all of you as you commemorate Greek Independence Day, and may God bless the United States of America.


Efharisto poli,

Reince Priebus

White House Chief of Staff


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Krauthammer: AHCA Defeat A Philosophical Victory for Obama

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that the American Health Care Act’s defeat was a philosophical victory for President Obama, and “The country has changed. There is now the generalized expectation that there is an entitlement to universal healthcare.” Krauthammer said, “The big picture, I think, is that it’s a victory for — philosophically, for Obama. He — this is now seven years since the act was put into place. The country has changed. There is now the generalized expectation that there is an entitlement to universal healthcare. That was always around to some extent, but I think if you listen to the terms of the debate, the main argument was who’s going to lose, how many are going to lose? Which implies that nobody ought to lose, everybody ought to have healthcare. And I think, philosophically, what did the Republicans have to offer? The Obamacare bill said universal healthcare. The bill that [House Speaker Representative Paul] Ryan (R-WI) was offering was, what — how could you, other than we made a promise, we want to keep it, what was the essence of it? There wasn’t.” Krauthammer continued that Republicans should have
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